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Setting a Schedule to Get the Most from PMDP Reports

Do you scramble to organize performance records and to follow up with supervisors? Are you struggling to find a sequence for using PMDP reports?

Use the tips below to identify a schedule and sequence for reviewing PMDP reports that align with the performance cycle in your unit.

  1. Identify the performance cycle(s) used in your unit.
    1. Confirm dates used for Summary Evaluation Period (12-months) – e.g., July 1, xxxx – June 30, xxxx.
    2. Confirm dates used for Midpoint Conversations (6-months) – e.g., July 1, xxxx – December 31, xxxx. Note: Start date for the Summary and Midpoint should always be the same.
  2. Plan a consistent day/time, once per month, to review the status of new employee performance reviews.
    1. Use the New Employee Report to check and follow-up on evaluations that are due soon, or overdue.
    2. Review this PMDP New Employee Report Job Aid.
  3. Plan a consistent day/time, approximately one month after the deadline given for completion of Summary or Midpoint evaluations, to review status and follow up.
    1. Use the *Performance Activity Report to see all activity.
    2. Review this PMDP Performance Activity Report Job Aid.
  4. Plan a day/time every 6 months, approximately three months after the conclusion of Summary or Midpoint evaluations, to check for overall cleanup.
    1. Use the Outstanding Activity Report to review launched evaluations and the current status of each.
    2. Review this PMDP Outstanding Activity Report Job Aid.

Learn more by attending the class “Getting the Most from PMDP Reports” tentatively scheduled:

Wednesday, January 20th10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Registration link will be announced by December 4th, 2020.

A recorded version of the class is also being created. Email Christine Ray for more information.