University of Wisconsin–Madison

Keynote 2018

“Building and Renovating Your Career For All Generations”

In this interactive session, we’ll talk about what employees want from their jobs and how generational differences may influence the way they approach building and renovating their careers. Together, we’ll discuss practical advice and examples of what has worked across generations, as we work to grow our understanding of the foundational aspects of career building in today’s environment.

About the Keynote Speaker

Sarah GibsonIn 2004, Sarah Gibson founded Accent Learning and Consulting, a firm focused on creating stronger, healthier, and more emotionally intelligent teams through professional development and communication skills.

Sarah’s unique ability to articulate the underlying patterns and concerns holding teams back makes her a much sought-after speaker and leadership consultant. Sarah’s specialty is giving teams new tools and language, so they can create environments where a culture of trust and accountability can thrive.

Sarah’s book, Geezer. Punk. Whatever., has been used by individuals and organizations to navigate the impact of generational differences in the workplace.

Sarah has worked with hundreds of organizations, leaders and individual team members across a variety of industries throughout the world.

Beyond her corporate experiences, Sarah has also taught for the University of Wisconsin–Madison Evening MBA program and as an adjunct instructor at Madison College, UW–Whitewater and North Dakota State University.

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