University of Wisconsin–Madison

Diversity Connect

Diversity Connect supports the recruitment of top diverse talent and ensures affirmative action compliance in all open positions at UW–Madison.

This initiative also aligns with goals of the campus Diversity Framework to improve campus diversity planning and improve institutional access through effective recruitment of diverse students, faculty, staff, and through effective relationship building with the wider community.

Diversity Connect ensures that all open positions of the university are advertised in key national publications, as well as regional and local networks that serve audiences including minorities, women, people with disabilities, veterans, and the LGBTQ community.

We have designed the following communication infrastructure to help you connect with diverse groups nationally and locally.

All jobs listed on are automatically posted by two national publications:

A job bulletin that includes all UW–Madison positions each week is shared with seven local networks and community organizations:

  • Madison Network of Black Professionals
  • Kajsiab House
  • Communities United
  • Latino Support Network
  • Aging and Disability Resource Center
  • Wisconsin Office of Veterans Services (OVS)
  • Wisconsin Women’s Network

These publications link directly into the Recruitment Effort Plan (REP) tabs. As result of this automatic process, departments are no longer required to place advertisements with these publications for affirmative action purposes.

This initiative is managed on campus by Talent Recruitment and Engagement in the Office of Human Resources.