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Many campus staff will soon be able to track their career performance in MyUW


The ability to quickly access one’s performance reviews via MyUW is coming soon for many UW-Madison staff. The improvements will provide employees with an electronic performance review history (beginning with the first performance review conducted within the new system), which can help with their career and development goals.

How does this system benefit employees?

The Performance Management and Development Program (PMDP) supports clarity in employee goals and expectations by providing an efficient tool for documenting performance management conversations. This also leaves more time for quality conversations between managers and employees. These expectations and goals are carried over and are updateable for each subsequent performance management activity, including midpoint conversations and summary evaluations, supplying an electronic history which can help employees in their career and development goals. In addition, it allows for increased support in identifying and addressing areas in which the employee would like to improve.

Currently, if one would like to see their performance-related documentation, including reviews and evaluations, that individual typically must make that request of their department’s HR staff. PMDP will put documentation generated after PMDP launches in their area at their fingertips, accessible from MyUW 24 hours per day. 

The use of a system for documenting and tracking employee performance history also increases the visibility of high quality work, which can lead to increased employee recognition and other benefits.

What does the new performance management tool mean for campus?

In August, the Office of Human Resources will launch a tool for tracking performance management activities between managers and employees. PMDP will be available for use beginning in August 2017. Divisions are working with the OHR on launch timing that works best for them.

PMDP will be used to facilitate the performance management activities between managers and staff that are outlined in the performance management policy. This policy went into effect on July 1, 2015, and impacts all full time University and Academic Staff, Limited Appointees, and their managers.

How will one tool be useful campuswide?

This tool was originally developed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE) to track performance management activities within their area. They required a very flexible tool due to the varied work environments found in their division. OHR identified their program as having the flexibility and robustness needed for campus.

Divisions can upload their performance management materials directly into PMDP, making the system easy to implement without drastically changing divisions’ existing performance management processes.

When will my area begin using PMDP?

While the system will be made available to campus in August, each area is working with OHR to determine when makes sense for them to transition to PMDP. Thus, not all schools and colleges will transition to PMDP in August 2017. Check with your area’s HR staff for more information on when your area will launch PMDP.

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