University of Wisconsin–Madison

First Round of Enhancements to Performance Management and Development Program Launched

Several new enhancements to the Performance Management and Development Program (PMDP) were launched in November, 2017. These enhancements are the result of suggestions and feedback from divisions, schools, and colleges that are implementing or considering implementing PMDP.

The enhancements focus on improved notification, information access, security, and user friendliness. These enhancements streamline the process of working with the system, particularly for HR administrators. Details on the enhancements are provided below.

Email notification when an evaluation has been completed: This email, which is automatically generated, now provides direct links to a PDF copy of the evaluation and any uploaded attachments. Before the enhancement, HR administration would not know if there were any attachments uploaded by the employee or supervisor until they opened the PDF copy of the evaluation. In addition, links to the PDF and attachments offer increased security over the previous approach of attaching performance documentation to the email.

Notification of whether the employee agreed or disagreed with the evaluation: This notification is now readily available to HR administrators. It is included in the email that is automatically generated when an evaluation has been completed.

Notification if an employee is Not Meeting Expectations: An email to the HR administrator is automatically generated any time an employee’s overall rating is Not Meeting Expectations.

User notification of automatic system timeout: The system now reminds users that there is an automatic timeout process of two hours. Users are reminded to save their work often and as they move from tab to tab. This enhancement benefits both supervisors and employees, who ran the risk of unintentionally losing data if they failed to save their work periodically.

A second round of enhancements to PMDP will be announced in December. These, too, are the result of user feedback regarding the system.