University of Wisconsin–Madison

Second Round of Enhancements to PMDP Add Convenience and Flexibility

A second round of enhancements was made to the Performance Management and Development Program (PMDP) at the end of the year. Like the first round of enhancements, most of these were the result of suggestions and user feedback from schools, colleges and divisions that are implementing PMDP.

Descriptions of the most notable enhancements are provided below.

Accommodating multiple appointments: The most significant new feature is that PMDP can now accommodate dual or multiple appointments, even if they are in different divisions. Before this enhancement, PMDP could only accommodate one position/appointment per employee. Security and permissions were carefully considered in making this change. Supervisors can only see the performance evaluation data concerning their direct reports, while an employee with multiple appointments can view performance data completed by different supervisors.

Increased character limit and character count down: Character limits in certain sections of the evaluation were increased to allow for more detailed responses. The system now counts down the character limit as users are typing, making it more convenient for users to enter information.

Targeted email reminders from HR administrators: An email option added to their dashboards allows HR administrators to send reminder messages to supervisors and managers who have past due or incomplete performance activities. This feature allows the administrator to select which supervisors to contact. Previously, an administrator’s only option was to send a bulk email reminder to all supervisors and managers, whether they had completed their evaluations or not.

New Help tab: All users now have a Help option in the top navigation bar. This links the user to the online PMDP toolkit. The toolkit, located on the Talent Recruitment and Engagement web page, offers resources such as the PMDP Rating Scale Guide and Security Authorization Form. As new tools and resources are developed that pertain to all users across campus, they will be added to this toolkit.

Conversation date added: A new date field has been added to capture the date the supervisor/manager and employee conducted the performance conversation. As this date can differ from the electronic signature date, it was important to be able to document the date of the actual conversation.

Easy access to rating definitions: A new hover feature allows the user to click on “definition” for the Rating field and be directed to the PMDP Rating Scale Guide. The guide offers best practices for rating performance using the rating scale and corresponding terminology.

In addition to the above enhancements, several other small improvements were made to features such as information display. Many of these enhancements will be transparent to PMDP users.