University of Wisconsin–Madison

2019 Keynote

Citizen Science Gives Science Public Meaning

Contemporary citizen science is a relatively new, but rapidly growing field, with thousands of projects and millions of participants worldwide. These projects span diverse scientific disciplines, from ecology to astronomy to medicine, and more. A key feature of citizen science is its ability to quickly collect and contribute large quantities of data. However, this is only a small component of the field’s impact. Citizen science’s unique openness to participation offers extensive opportunities for science outreach and an increased public understanding of, and engagement in, the question-driven and observation-based nature of scientific research.

About the Keynote Speakers

Jessica Ross is the Citizen Science Coordinator at the UW Arboretum. Her academic background is in biological sciences (BS, Northwestern University), and botany, ecology, and conservation (MS, Northwestern University). Her work experience includes ecological research and data processing, laboratory management, ecological restoration, and science outreach and mentoring. She currently works to develop and support citizen science monitoring programs for dragonflies, monarch butterflies, fungi, birds, and water quality.

Jessica Ross

Susan Carpenter is a Senior Outreach Specialist at the Wisconsin Native Plant Garden at UW Arboretum. Her academic background is in biology (BS, Stanford University), botany/plant ecology (MS, UW–Madison) and C&I/science education (MS, UW–Madison). Her work experience includes environmental and outdoor education, science curriculum design, teacher professional development, studying teaching and learning in elementary classrooms, native plant gardening, bumble bee monitoring and conservation in southern Wisconsin, ecological restoration, and extensive outreach for public and professional audiences.

Susan Carpenter