University of Wisconsin–Madison

Employers: Become a RISE Partner

Benefits of becoming a RISE partner

  • Gain access to a diverse pipeline of UW–Madison student leaders and graduates.
  • Connect directly to applicants by posting employment opportunities on the RISE program website and through participation in program events.
  • Make significant contributions to the professional development of RISE members while cultivating talent within your unit.

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Partner Expectations

  • Provide ongoing professional development and support to participants.
  • Assess students’ performance throughout the duration of the internship.
  • If the candidate is successful during the training program, we expect that they will be considered for a position within the department as applicable.

RISE Presentation for Employers

RISE Partnership Agreement

Email to begin the process of becoming a RISE partner, or to learn more about the benefits and requirements.


Office of Human Resources

Office of the Vice Provost, Diversity and Climate

Administrative Information Management Services

Department of Administration

Department of Housing

UW Police Department

Cultural Linguistic Services

Office of Enrollment Management

Division of Diversity, Equity, & Educational Achievement

Division of Information Technology

UW Public Health Institute

…and many more!