University of Wisconsin–Madison

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council, plays a strategically key role in guiding the Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Project. The council reports to executive sponsors, David L. Miller, Vice President of Administration, UWSA, and Michael Lehman, Interim Vice President of Finance and Administration, UW–Madison. The council also reviews proposals to engage external technical resources to support the substantial internal resources devoted to this project.


  1. Advise on vision and mission for the project, including the distinctions between the needs of UW–Madison and the balance of UW System;
  2. Act as representative of, and liaison to, their respective stakeholder groups;
  3. Advocate for the project with all stakeholders;
  4. Endorse the business case for the project;
  5. Advocate for resources;
  6. Advise on the development of the request for proposal for an external organization to assist with the study;
  7. Participate in meetings of the Advisory Council;
  8. Review status and provide advice to help the study progresses; and
  9. Advise and support the TTC Project teams.
Executive Sponsors
Raymond Cross, President, University of Wisconsin System
Rebecca Blank, Chancellor, UW–Madison
Laurent Heller, Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration, UW–Madison
Robert Cramer, Vice President, Administration, UW System Administration


Planning Team
Shenita Brokenburr, Sr. Associate Vice President, Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity, and UW Service Center (Co-chair)
Rebecca Blank, Chancellor, UW–Madison
Diane Blaskowski, Director of Employee Services, Office of Human Resources
Margo Lessard, Sr, Special Assistant and Interim Director and Assistant and Interim Director, Office of Human Resources and Workforce Diversity, UW System
David J. Miller, Director of Human Resources, UW–Eau Claire
Meghan Owens, Director of Compensation and Titling, Office of Human Resources
Mark Walters, Sr. Director of Operations, Office of Human Resources, UW–Madison (Co-chair)


Advisory Council
One Chancellor UW-Milwaukee Mark Mone, Chancellor, UW–Milwaukee (Co-chair)
One Provost UW-Madison Sarah Mangelsdorf, Provost, UW–Madison (Co-chair)
Two Senior-Level Financial Executive (e.g., CBO, Business Services) UW–Madison Bethany Pluymers, Associate Dean for Administration, Law School, UW–Madison
UW-La Crosse Bob Hetzel, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, UW–La Crosse
Two Faculty UW–Madison
Chair of the University Committee or designee
Susan E. Babcock, Professor and Dean, College of Engineering, UW–Madison
UW System
Faculty Representatives Council Chair
Petre I. Ghenciu, Professor, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Department, UW–Stout
Two Academic Staff UW–Madison
Chair of Academic Staff Executive Committee or designee
Heather McFadden, Director, RCR Education, UW–Madison
UW System
Academic Staff Representatives Council Chair
Curt M. Weber, Lecturer, Finance and Business Law, UW–Whitewater
Two University Staff UW–Madison
Chair of University Staff Executive Committee or designee
Terry Fritter, Animal Research Tech Advanced, UW–Madison
UW System
University Staff Representatives Council Chair
Carol Beals, Program Assistant, College of EMS, UW–Platteville
Two Limited Appointees UW–Madison
Chancellor Appointee
Derek Kindle, Director, Office of Student Financial Aid, UW–Madison
UW System
President Appointee
Tammy McGuckin, Dean of Students, UW–Parkside