University of Wisconsin–Madison

2018 Workshops

Being your best self in the current moment is a lifelong journey. This conference will give you the time and space to re-energize and discover what you need to establish and maintain the well-being you need, no matter where you are today.

Experiential breakout sessions will be organized around seven dimensions of wellness.

Dimensions of wellness Breakout sessions

Dimensions of Wellness


Beyond the absence of mental and physical illness, health is a feeling of strength and energy from your body and mind.


Feeling part of something bigger than yourself. Knowing that your pursuits in matter. Having purpose in your life.


Knowing that you are safe from physical and psychological harm at UW–Madison. Feeling secure enough to take calculated risks and show vulnerability. Free of concern about meeting basic life needs.


Experiencing positive, trusting relationships with others. Feeling a sense of belonging, acceptance, and support.


Feeling you have the support, resources, and autonomy to achieve your goals. Succeeding at meeting your individual goals and career and academic aspirations.


Feeling like you are progressing in your academic and professional goals. Learning and being challenged to use and expand on your strengths.


Capacities for persistence, creativity, emotional intelligence, grit, cognitive flexibility, risk-taking, agency, adapting to change, delaying gratification, learning from failure, and questioning success.

Breakout Sessions