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2024 Conference

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The Evolving Admin: Preparing for the Future of Work

In today’s workplace, the administrative role is significantly different from what it was a decade ago, or even just a few years ago. It has evolved dramatically and continues to with each passing year. With ever-increasing demands and ever-shrinking resources, admins need to adopt a new set of skills to succeed. In this session, we’ll take a look at where the field is heading and what you can do to stay competitive in the future.

In this session, you will learn…

  • How the admin of the future operates and how expectations are shifting
  • Practical strategies to leverage emerging technology to (almost) clone yourself!
  • Tools to provide a deeper, more advanced level of support in the physical, virtual, and hybrid workplace
  • The key skills you need to take ownership of your administrative career and embrace a mindset of success now and in the future

Chrissy Scivicque, PMP, PCM

Founder, Eat Your Career

Chrissy Scivicque believes that work can be a nourishing, enriching life experience—and she loves helping professionals discover exactly what that means for them and how to achieve it. Her popular website,, is devoted to this mission. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and certified Professional Career Manager (PCM), Chrissy brings a unique perspective to the world of professional development. As a proud former executive assistant, Chrissy also has a deep admiration and appreciation for the world of admin and its unique challenges. She is the author of three books: “The Proactive Professional”, “The Invisibility Cure” and “ELEVATE Admins” (all available on Amazon).

Through her work, Chrissy has developed and delivered training programs for admins at some of the world’s most recognized organizations including Amazon, Northrop Grumman, Microsoft, Capital One, Accenture, GoDaddy, Turner Broadcasting, and more.

Chrissy is a former contributing career expert for U.S. News & World Report. She has published over 500 articles on career-related topics and is the creator of 20+ professional development products including e-books, workbooks and more. She lives in Denver, CO and is a frequent guest on the morning show Good Day Colorado where she answers career-related questions from TV viewers.

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2023 Conference

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How to Find Work/Life Balance When There is None

Your day begins with over 100 new emails, the phone won’t stop ringing, and you’ve lost count of how many meetings you have to attend. How do you deal with it all – day after day! How do you find the strength to face the challenges life throws your way and keep your sanity in the process?

Through real-life stories and experiences shared by UW employees and conference attendees, you will learn how to see your challenges differently, grow from them, and discover a strength inside yourself that you didn’t even know existed. During this presentation, you will discover techniques you can start using today to help you lead a less stressful life, no matter what may come your way.

Nancy Depcik, Unshakable Success

Knowing how to be resilient during times of change and adversity can lead you to greater success and happiness. Nancy Depcik brings over twenty years of speaking experience with a focus on leadership, resiliency and tenacity. She has empowered organizations to lead more effectively, foster positivity and communicate more clearly.

As a professional Keynote Speaker and Communication Skills Coach, Nancy has delivered presentations to Fortune 500 companies and at numerous conferences and conventions. She has been featured in several magazines, including the Huffington Post. Nancy is currently an adjunct professor at Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin teaching Effective Communication and Public Speaking Skills. Her unique blend of humor, enthusiasm and connection with the audience landed her in the top 1% of speakers in an International Speech Contest in Washington D.C. where over 30,000 speakers competed. In her TEDx speech, she shares the one word that can change your life.

With Nancy’s unique blend of high energy and contagious enthusiasm, she captivates her audience with her message. They will walk away with techniques they can start using today, leading them to their own Unshakable Success™.

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