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In today’s rapidly changing professional landscape, investing in our personal and professional growth is a necessity. This series is designed to empower you to take charge of your career journey, seize opportunities for growth within UW-Madison, and unlock your full potential.

Throughout this training series, we will delve into strategies, tools, and resources to help you navigate your career path effectively. From uncovering your strengths and passions to identifying opportunities for advancement within UW-Madison, we will explore practical steps to elevate your career trajectory. Join us for all three opportunities or select one to attend.

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Upcoming Workshops

Career Development and You: Discovering answers and resources for your career growth!


June 5, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Virtual via Zoom

April McHugh, Director, Employee Career Counseling Program


Constructing Your Career at UW-Madison


July 23, 1:00 – 2:00pm

Virtual via Zoom

Christopher East, Organizational Career Development Specialist


Professional Development with the 70-20-10 Model


August 22, 12:00 – 1:00pm

Virtual via Zoom

Kelsey Harrington, Career Counselor



Self-Service Resources

  • Learning and Talent Development
    You have access to thousands of courses, seminars, conferences, online trainings, and events every year. Maintain, improve, or develop new knowledge and skills that can help you throughout your career.
  • Career Counseling
    Unsure about your next professional move? The Employee Career Counseling team is here to help you navigate the winding road to success.
  • DIY Career Planning Process
    Create a roadmap for your career with our self-planning tools and guidance
  • Grow Your Career: Self-Guided Module
    Develop skills to determine your career goals and to plan for a career conversation.
  • Career Toolkit
    From job search strategies to interview tips, find it all in our Career Toolkit
  • Employee Development
    Engage in career conversations, goal setting, and professional development planning, and gain awareness of the lifelong impact work has on your cognitive, emotional, and social well-being.
  • Supporting Development
    As a supervisor, you can support your employees’ career development by coaching and creating a plan to achieve career-related goals.
  • Professional Development
    Invest in your future with courses, programs and conferences made specifically for UW–Madison

Additional Campus Resources and Information

  • Campus Resources
    Maximize your UW–Madison experience by accessing these resources
  • Career Management
    Discover how UW–Madison, managers, and employees work together for your career success

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