University of Wisconsin–Madison

29th Annual Conference for the Office Professional

Join your colleagues at Office Professionals Conference for a day of skill building, networking, and learning practical tools for personal enrichment and professional development.

Who should attend?

This conference is for you if you’re a UW–Madison employee who would like to learn professional skills across a wide variety of valuable topics such as:

  • Better business writing
  • Developing self-awareness to build work relationships
  • The benefits of inclusive work environments
  • Managing conflict in the workplace
  • Navigating times of change
  • Work-life integration

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to approve requests from staff to attend the conference.


Please register by April 12, 2019 to secure your spot at the conference.

  • Registration includes workshops, the keynote session, and lunch.
  • Come and go throughout the day based on your interests and schedule.
  • Walk-in attendance at workshops may be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Cost:  $125

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Great information on engagement, networking, leadership and general perspectives that are very applicable to any work environment as well as my personal life. I gained a greater feeling that our positions are important which really makes us feel honored. I have come many times to this and am still very much learning.

2017 Office Professionals Conference participant