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Presenter FAQ

Please review the resources and frequently asked questions below for presenting at the Leadership and Management Development Conference. If you have any questions, please contact

Registration and Fees

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What is the registration fee for presenters?

All presenters will receive complimentary registration to attend the conference.

Do I need to register for the conference?

Presenters planning to attend the full conference will be registered by Learning and Talent Development. Please indicate your interest in attending in the Conference Tech and Logistics Form.

Can I invite a colleague to attend my presentation?

All attendees must be registered for the conference in order to attend any session.

Can I add additional presenters?

Please contact for changes to your session.

Will any conference or travel-related expenses be covered by Learning and Talent Development?

Learning and Talent Development does not provide honorariums or reimbursements for breakout presentations at the Leadership and Management Development Conference. Presenters should plan to cover all their individual travel expenses, if selected to present in-person.

Presentation and Preparation

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Is there a template I need to use for preparing my presentation?

There is no requirement to use a conference-branded template for your presentation. University of Wisconsin – Madison branded PowerPoint templates are downloadable from University Marketing.

How long should my presentation be?

Presenters are assigned a 75-minute time slot for their session, unless a half day (2.5 hour) session was requested and approved. Presentations should allow 10-15 minutes for questions and answers at the end of the session.

When does my completed presentation need to be submitted?

Presentations, and accompanying session materials, should be submitted no later than Tuesday, October 22 to

Do participants have access to my conference materials?

Learning and Talent Development uses a conference app for participant engagement. Presentation materials are uploaded to the app for participant note-taking, reference, and distribution.

Are there recommendations to providing accessible presentations?

These recommendations will support you in creating optimal presentation experiences, with a focus on accessibility for those who use assistive technologies. Within the document, you will find recommendations to inform the design and review of digital presentation content for visual consistency, technical functionality, and best practices for employee development. Digital content includes any material generated in digital format and then shared, exported, or distributed either online or through printed copies (e.g., presentation slides and handouts).

Download Accessible Presentation Guidelines

Audiovisual and Event Support

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What A/V can I expect when I arrive in my presentation room?

  • Laptop (provided laptop may be a PC or Mac)
  • Projection unit and screen
  • Remote slide advancer
  • Wireless handheld microphone and/or wireless lavaliere microphone. Microphones are assigned based on anticipated number of presenters, size of room, and availability.
  • Flip chart and markers, if requested in the Conference Tech and Logistics Form

Will I have internet access in my assigned breakout room?

All rooms have wifi connectivity. For instructions on accessing wifi, please visit the Division of Information Technology Help Desk.

Can I use multimedia in my presentation?

Yes, multimedia may be used in your presentation, but it is recommended that you verify on-site that it works smoothly prior to your session.

Will somone be available to assist me during my session?

Yes, every session is assigned a room monitor from the Learning and Talent Development, HR Communities of Practice, or Office of Human Resources team, and will be available to help with audiovisual, speaker introductions, and general assistance, as needed.

When are session rooms assigend?

Your room assignment, room layout, and anticipated attendance will be emailed to you approximately two weeks before the conference.

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