University of Wisconsin–Madison

CoP Network

One of the most exciting learning trends of recent years has been the emergence of “communities of practice” (or CoPs).

CoPs are peer-organized learning communities that bring together people from across an organization to teach one another, share resources to address challenges, and find inspiration in their connections and creativity. They provide a cost-effective way to share information, solve problems collectively, innovate, and train new staff.

At UW–Madison, CoPs have become sustained learning spaces for staff, faculty, and students—with a defining spirit of collaboration and curiosity.

The CoP Network was formed in Fall 2011 to serve as a collective resource for conveners and facilitators of CoPs (and those who are interested in convening new CoPs) as we navigate the challenges of starting up and sustaining CoPs, and transitioning into new forms when appropriate.

We are delighted to continue to see a growing number of diverse CoPs on campus. The CoP Network periodically hosts meetings to welcome newcomers, discern what’s most meaningful to you in your CoP practice, and identify an ongoing schedule.

If you’re not yet on the CoP Network email list but would like to be, you can subscribe by sending a blank email to

If you have individual questions, contact Joe Goss (DoIT) and Sarah Carroll (HR CoP, OHR).