University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Service Grant Program

Online application materials for the 2021 summer program should be submitted to the Department (check with your chair for the due date), Dean’s/Director’s Office (check with your chair for the due date) and received by the Office of Human Resources by October 2, 2020.

A faculty committee appointed by the Provost’s designee will evaluate the applications and select the grantees. Evaluation will involve (a) the nature of the applicant’s University service and degree of burden placed on other academic responsibilities, including research, and (b) the quality of the research proposal.

The evaluation will consider the amount of effort over and above that expected of all faculty and will place its emphasis on service outside the Department in addition to normal departmental responsibilities. In rare cases, the committee will be willing to review documentation of extraordinary departmental service. The evaluation will include consideration that the proposed research will lead to the advancement of the applicant’s scholarly career.

Application Procedure

Applicants should submit proposals online to dept. chair/director. Check with your chair for your department’s due date. Please read all information before filling out the online application.

Complete the online application and attach the appropriate documents in PDF format. See the list below for required documents. Submit the online application to your department chair.

  • The proposal cover page;
  • The nominee’s detailed research proposal, including your name, department, the project title and a description of the project (no longer than three single spaced pages). Include a specific explanation of how it fits into the overall research program and how completion of the proposed project will help advance the nominee towards tenure;
  • The nominee’s up-to-date short (2-3 pages) curriculum vita;
  • A specific description of service activities at the Department, School/College, and University levels, with an indication of the approximate amount of time expended on each; and
  • At least one letter of support from a tenured colleague, preferably the Department Chair.

The chair will submit the online application to the appropriate dean/director (due date determined by the dean/director). Each dean/director will arrange for faculty review of the proposals, consider them in light of budgetary resources available, and submit them online by October 2, 2020. Questions concerning the program should be directed to Vice Provost Michael Bernard-Donals at 262-5246,

Questions concerning the online application and submission process can be directed to Michaela Aust at 263-5741,

Proposals then receive University review and ranking and are forwarded to the UW–Madison Provost. Winners of Research Service Grants will be announced as soon as possible.

Screenshots of online application

Begin the online application process