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LinkedIn Learning

As a UW—Madison employee, you have access to thousands of courses and personalized learning recommendations on LinkedIn Learning available to you on your schedule from any device. This resource serves as a perfect complement to the other professional development opportunities available to you.

Getting Started

View this How to use LinkedIn Learning course to get the most out of your experience and then return to the Explore LinkedIn Learning Content section of this page below to see regularly updated course recommendations.

Login Problems?

You may be logged into LinkedIn using your personal account rather than with your NetID.

Explore LinkedIn Learning Content

We encourage you to explore LinkedIn Learning for yourself. Here are a few course collections to get you started. You can start with short videos on targeted topics or take a deep dive with full courses and learning paths.

Build Your Career Credentials

Leverage LinkedIn Learning to build your career credentials. Find content that will help you build the skills you need to be successful, and share your achievements with your LinkedIn network.

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