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Co-Creating Team Culture, Values, and Intentions

Course Description

Soon campus teams will reunite in new ways.  Reuniting may include the engagement of diverse individual needs and expectations as you work together moving forward.

Now is the time to come together to recommit to purpose; embrace change; co-create a vibrant work environment; and leverage all the talents to meet current priorities.

  • What is your desired team culture?
  • What does the group need and hope to achieve?
  • How do you balance individual and organizational values?
  • What working agreements and intentions will help you sustain the desired culture?
  • What has the past 15 months revealed about us and our collective work?

Are you interested in learning how to guide your team through an intentional and experiential process of revisiting, revising, and even reimagining how to effectively work together? Your team has the wisdom, experience, and ideas, they just might need your guidance to move forward.

This workshop will prepare and resource you to guide your team through the process of co-creating desired culture, core values, and working intentions through a framework of:

  • Purpose: WHY the team exists
  • Values: ALIGNMENT of deeply held individual and organizational beliefs
  • Working Intentions: HOW we engage with each other
  • Accountability: SHARED RESPONSIBILITY for keeping purpose, values, and agreements centered and alive

Units/teams are encouraged to register 2+ team members in preparation to work together and facilitate unit/team through the process.

Why should you attend?

Participants will practice and receive resources to:

  • Meet both individual and organizational needs that ensures team members can do their most vibrant work
  • Articulate and connect values in co-creating a desired organizational culture
  • Co-create a shared understanding of formed and/or reformed team values, working intentions and core behaviors
  • Invite noticing and naming of differing perspectives, diverse needs, and new possibilities in the current work context
  • Collect and practice potential accountability measures that sustain desired culture, team values, and working intentions moving forward


UW–Madison Faculty and Staff




Learning and Talent Development, Office of Human Resources