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Working Better Together: Everything DiSC Workplace

Currently unavailable through virtual learning.

Course Description

Have you ever wondered why some people need lots of detail before making a decision, while others are comfortable going with their gut? Or, why some people are driven to build stronger relationships at work, and others find great satisfaction creating and completing “to do” lists.

Everything DiSC Workplace is designed to provide you with a practical approach for building strong working relationships that will ultimately help foster healthy, inclusive and engaging work environments across campus.

Our work environments consist of endless individual differences in behaviors, inclinations, and preferences. Understanding these differences can positively shape how we work together and help leverage our differences to improve communication, build stronger relationships, and ultimately work more effectively.

Prior to the workshop, you will be invited to complete the online assessment tool to create greater awareness of your own DiSC style. Then, through active participation the workshop, you will gain deeper understanding of yourself and others to improve work relationships and enhance the success of your work with teams.

Everything DiSC Workplace for Teams

If you are interested in bringing Working Better Together: Everything DiSC Workplace to your team, contact us for more information.

Why should you attend?

Everything DiSC Workplace is a simple, but not simplistic, validated assessment tool used by organizations and individuals around the world to:

  • Better understand self
  • Better understand others
  • Work better together

Currently unavailable through virtual learning.


UW–Madison Faculty and Staff


$58 covers the cost of the online Everything DiSC Workplace assessment


Tamie Klumpyan, Learning and Talent Development, Office of Human Resources


Engagement, Inclusion, Diversity


This course is part of the Inclusion@UW program.