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Career Mentoring

As a UW-Madison employee, you have access to a variety of resources and communities to engage in career mentoring. Career mentorship provides a partnership that supports personal and professional growth over time. These partnerships can take on multiple forms, including peer mentoring, mentor-mentee dyads, resource groups, and building networks of mentors.

Mentoring partnerships benefit all parties involved by:

  • Enhancing professional identity
  • Creating a sense of belonging
  • Increasing productivity
  • Experiencing career satisfaction
  • Supporting recruitment and retention

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Mentorship Programs

  • Academic Staff Mentor Match Program
    The Academic Staff Mentor Match Program pairs participants with mentors or mentees, offering academic staff/employees a broader perspective beyond their roles and enabling staff to share their expertise in a personal, rewarding, and impactful manner.
  • Research Administration Peer Mentoring Program (RED)
    The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) offers a one-year mentoring program for campus research administrators to increase engagement, collaboration, and professional growth. The RED Peer Mentoring Program is open to all UW administrators who participate in any part of sponsored projects administration. The program offers opportunities for mentors and mentees to develop new skills, transfer ideas, and deepen institutional knowledge. In general, this program will match less experienced research administrators with more experienced colleagues. The program also assists experienced research administrators in learning about different areas of the profession.
  • UW IT Mentoring
    UW IT Mentoring connects colleagues in one-on-one peer relationships to enhance skills, develop knowledge, make connections, and share experience. This year-long program is open to any UW employee at any stage of their career who works in IT, is IT-adjacent, or is interested in the IT field at UW-Madison.
  • UW-Madison Libraries Mentorship Program
    The UW-Madison Libraries offer a one-year mentoring program for newly-hired permanent staff that fosters engagement and professional growth. It is an opportunity for mentors and mentees to develop new skills, while encouraging the transfer of ideas and institutional knowledge. Coordinated by the Libraries’ Onboarding Committee, new staff are encouraged to apply online.
  • Women, Trans, & Non-Binary Faculty Mentoring Program
    Assistant professors on the tenure track team up with tenured colleagues for multi-year connections that complement departmental mentoring. The program also nurtures informal peer groups, fostering collegiality, learning, and innovation.

Research Mentorship Programs

  • WISCIENCE Advancing Research Mentoring Practice (ARMP)
    Because effective mentoring skills are essential for creating welcoming and productive STEMM research environments, ARMP involves a series of four 2-hour sessions designed to support faculty and staff in their roles as mentors. The evidence-based curriculum includes facilitated conversations with colleagues using case studies, readings, and personal experiences to strengthen mentoring strategies and create culturally responsive practices.
  • Center for Teaching, Learning & Mentoring
    Collaborating with schools and colleges, CTLM empowers UW–Madison faculty and staff to excel in the craft of teaching through mentoring partnerships. This mentorship is intended for faculty and academic staff who support undergraduate and/or graduate research and teaching.
  • Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experience in Research
    The Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER) is dedicated to the improvement of research mentoring relationships for mentees and mentors at all career stages through the development, implementation and study of evidence-based and culturally-responsive interventions. Provides free access to curricular materials for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine, and social science researchers.

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