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Influencing Teams from Within

Course Description

Teams are increasingly used by many organizations. From the factory floor to the boardroom, teams are viewed as a means to motivate participants, increase productivity, and flatten the organizational hierarchy. Teams are not new; they’ve been around since the beginning of human history. What is new is the concerted effort to understand and apply strategies that makes work teams successful.

Many organizations have created teams as a unit of performance. This means that the team is responsible for achieving specific performance goals and team effectiveness is a function of how those goals are achieved. This course helps participants identify ways to influence behavior to lead to better team outcomes.

Why should you attend?

  • Understand the strengths and limitations of a team as a unit of performance
  • Create and communicate clear team performance goals and objectives
  • Establish specific benchmarks for team performance
  • Apply recognition principles to reward team performance


UW–Madison Faculty and Staff




Theresa Kim, Learning and Talent Development, Office of Human Resources


This course is part of the Fully Prepared to Lead program.

“It was great to learn how to motivate workplace coworkers or teammates into a project or event planning. Finding the strengths and skills that are best suited for each individual to get the best end compilation based on the project.”
Shelby, University Services Program Associate, College of Engineering

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