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Fully Prepared to Lead

What people are saying

“I thought I’d come for one class…upon completion of the certificate program I can honestly say the whole of the program is greater than the sum of its parts. The strength of the program is in the connectivity between the topics and the application in the everyday world. I’m better because of it.”
Aaron, Assistant Campus Planner, FP&M

“Fully Prepared to Lead taught me what it means to be a leader, without the restriction of needing to be a supervisor or manager. Learning more about the organization, myself, and others through this certificate process has made me a more active, effective, and respected contributor in my workplace.”
Meghan, University Services Program Associate, Compliance and Safety

“As a young professional, Fully Prepared to Lead gave me a set of researched methods and information to utilize towards being a positive contributor to my staff, department, and the UW–Madison community. Discussing these topics with peers from across campus provided a unique perspective to similar situations that arise in the workplace. The setting allowed for thought-provoking conversations that resulted in actionable steps to improve office culture and interpersonal relationships. Fully Prepared to Lead made me a better employee immediately, but also paved the framework for success for the rest of my career.”
Adam, Academic Advisor, Athletics

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