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Understanding and Leading Change

Course Description

Change is a constant in any organization. Effective leaders are able to recognize the phases of transition and the stressors individuals may face during organization change. There are also many factors that influence how people will react to change and what tools they need to accept and succeed. This course provides participants with the skills and tools to be an effective initiator, agent and manager of change.

Why should you attend?

  • Understand the key characteristics of each type of change
  • Describe and identify the phases of transition in change
  • Determine the mindsets of people in change and how to address each
  • Assess your own change preferences
  • Follow the steps of a planned change model
  • Practice applying change management concepts


UW–Madison Faculty and Staff




Theresa Kim, Learning and Talent Development, Office of Human Resources


This course is part of the Fully Prepared to Lead program.

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