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Face-to-Face Communication: Beyond the Basics

Course Description

There are many ways beyond the basics of talking and listening to help ensure effective one-on-one communication with others. This coaching session provides participants with a definition and overview of several one-on-one communication skills that help leaders thrive.

Why should you attend?

  • Identify and overcome the barriers to effective communication
  • Reflect on your personal communication strengths and areas for growth
  • Practice specific one-on-one communication skills such as paraphrasing, responding to emotions and identifying behaviors instead of attributes


UW–Madison Faculty and Staff




Christina Stefonek, Learning and Talent Development, Office of Human Resources


This course is part of the Fully Prepared to Lead program.

“Helped me to identify many professional communication barriers. This class helped me to use different skills to improve professional communication at work.”
Nibedita, Graduate Program Support Specialist, Department of Computer Sciences

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