University of Wisconsin–Madison

Certificate of Leadership Competency

Fully Prepared to Lead offers a Certificate of Leadership Competency for participants to pursue. If you are interested in earning the certificate, you must sign and submit the Declaration of Commitment. Signing the declaration and tracking your certificate progress early in your Fully Prepared to Lead journey will help you get through the program faster by ensuring you are fulfilling the requirements. Submitting the declaration also lets the Program Manager know of your intent so they can better answer your questions and help track your progress throughout the program.

Download the Declaration of Commitment

Download the Certificate Tracker


Theresa Kim

Requirements for earning the certificate

  1. Submit Declaration of Intent to earn certificate (work to be completed within 24 months).
  2. Attend and track Fully Prepared to Lead coursework.
    • Must take at least 1 course from each competency
    • Must complete at least 10 courses (can take more if desired)
  3. Attend and track Thrive@UW and/or Inclusion@UW coursework.
    • Must attend Thrive@UW Active Listening to Support Effective Communication
    • Must attend Thrive@UW Understanding Your Experiences and Identities
    • Must complete at least 4 additional courses from the choices listed on the Certificate Tracker
  4. Attend an elective course(s) that totals at least 3 hours of class time. Ideas include:
  5. Complete and submit Professional Development Planning Self-Study Packet.
  6. Meet for 2 coaching conversations with Program Manager.
    • First conversation to occur within 3 months of declaring intent
    • Second conversation to occur within 3 months of final Capstone Presentation
  7. Meet for 2 coaching conversations with Manager/Supervisor.
    • Conversations can be in alignment with regularly scheduled Performance Management conversations
  8. Prepare and deliver Capstone Presentation.

Capstone Presentation Requirements

Your Capstone Presentation will be timed and must be 20-25 minutes in length.  You will deliver this presentation to the Program Manager and other peers familiar with the Fully Prepared to Lead program. Therefore, you will NOT need to use any of your time to explain the program.  At the Capstone Presentation, you will be given feedback on your presentation by the Program Manager and peer certificate participants.  You will also give feedback to the other peers during the session.

Your presentation must address the components listed below in no particular order.

  • Define what leadership means to you and how you can influence creating a Healthy, Inclusive, and Engaging work environment.
  • What
    • What did you learn about your personal leadership style as a result of your participation in the program?
    • What have you tried already? Did it work? What did you learn?
  • Now what
    • What have you already done to change or improve?  How do you know it’s working?  What else are you going to do?
  • What feedback have you gotten from your manager and/or peers about your leadership style?
  • Which competency are you feeling most confident about? Least confident? Why?

To prepare for the presentation, consider the coaching conversations you had throughout the program, the classes you’ve taken, personal observations, what you’ve tried that has or has not worked, and other observations or new ways of thinking as a result of participating in the program.