University of Wisconsin–Madison

Expanding Self-Knowledge to Create an Inclusive Work Environment

This is an all day session that combines two courses: Expanding Self-Knowledge to Adapt and Thrive and Creating an Inclusive Work Environment.

Course Description

In this course, you are invited to explore your identity and lived experience. We will learn about the cycle of socialization to understand how our identity affects our worldview. Lastly, participants will develop skills to notice when we start to make assumptions about our observations. In the afternoon, you will define inclusion, reflect on unconscious bias, and consider how microaggressions impact others. Lastly, we will explore how one might respond when a microaggression happens in the workplace. We will break for lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. You are welcome to bring your lunch, or eat at a local eatery.

Why should you attend?

  • Explore your identities
  • Reflect on: How do your identities and lived experience affect your worldview?
  • Notice when you make an assumption
  • Define: Inclusion, unconscious bias, and microaggressions
  • Consider: How can unconscious bias lead to microaggressions?
  • Practice: Responding to microaggressions to create an inclusive work environment


UW–Madison Faculty and Staff




Lindsay Falkowski, Learning and Talent Development, Office of Human Resources


Engagement, Inclusion, Diversity
Team Development


This course is part of the Thrive@UW program.

What participants are saying

“I work in education and this course provided me with many ideas to apply to both my working environment and my workshops. Conversations were deep and safe. The content kept me engaged the whole day. It went really fast! I met great people at deeper levels. The facilitators did a great job on adapting to the group’s needs. Overall a great experience!”
Maya, WIDA