University of Wisconsin–Madison


What participants are saying

“I experienced these workshops as one of the greatest benefits of working within the UW System. The presentation was professional, engaging, diverse in those who attended, and authentic in what it had to offer. I look forward to attending more.”
Julie, Instructor, School of Social Work

“The Thrive series is an outstanding learning series that will benefit everyone that participates. The facilitators are excellent and the content is dynamite!”
Ernie, Manager, SMPH WI State Lab of Hygiene

“Thrive@UW allows you to do just that: Thrive. The skilled and knowledgeable facilitators will guide you through a range of interesting and thought-provoking activities to help you better understand yourself and your colleagues. Each component of Thrive@UW compliments and builds on what you already know and challenges you to question your assumptions as you work with people from across campus. It’s a life-changing course.”
Tim, Instructor, Department of English

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