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Thriving in a Time of Change

Course Description

Change is constant in our lives, and an essential element of the workplace. Navigating times of change can provoke a wide range of emotions including anxiety, excitement, and confusion. This course provides you with tools to understand the types and characteristics of change. You will also examine change management strategies, and develop a personal action plan to meaningfully navigate your situation of change.

Why should you attend?

  • Answer: What are the different types of change?
  • Reflect on: How does change affect me?
  • Identify strategies to manage yourself through change


UW–Madison Faculty and Staff




Tina Ngo, Learning and Talent Development, Office of Human Resources


Engagement, Inclusion, Diversity
Team Development


This course is part of the Thrive@UW program.

What participants are saying

“Attending Thrive@UW–Madison: Thriving in Times of Change helped me see change as an opportunity for growth, and not just a source of anxiety. The facilitator presented a practical, 4-step process for dealing with change, which has given me strategies for coping with challenges in the workplace and life in general.”
Heidi, Faculty Associate, Department of English

“I took this course about a month into a new job and it exceeded my expectations. It was very helpful to be in a room full of people I could relate to and connect with on some level. The material covered allowed us to learn that change is a multifaceted event and each facet comes with an array of strategies for both easing anxiety and growth. This course showed me that change isn’t the end of something, but rather the beginning of something else. ”

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