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COVID-19 Update

The well-being of all members of the University community is our highest priority. Appointments are still available via phone or video chat.

UW Psychiatry COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Guide
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Managing Fears and Anxiety around COVID-19

Timely Assistance with Life’s Challenges

When personal or work-related concerns become difficult to manage, UW–Madison’s Employee Assistance Office (EAO) can provide timely solutions for life transitions, physical or emotional health issues, and relationship challenges.

EAO professional staff offer counseling and consultation at no cost to UW–Madison faculty, staff, graduate student employees, significant others, and family members.

With the help of the Employee Assistance Office, employees and leaders develop the skills they need to understand and cope with challenging issues before they develop into more serious concerns. Services include:


The services of the Employee Assistance Office are confidential; no records are kept. Anything you discuss with the EAO consultant will be kept confidential, and will not be released without your authorization, except under special circumstances as governed by Federal and State regulations. See the Confidentiality Policy for details.

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Lowell Center, Room #226
610 Langdon Street
8 am–4:30 pm

24/7 Access to Counselors

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In Immediate Crisis?

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Crisis Text Line
Text 741741

Call 911 for other life-threatening emergencies.

Personal Counseling

UW–Madison provides no-cost resources and solutions to faculty, staff, graduate student employees, their families and significant others. Consider reaching out to the Employee Assistance Office when you need help with work-related or personal challenges such as the following:

  • Work-related stress
  • Personal stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Caregiving
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Relationship challenges
  • Conflict
  • Mental health
  • Grief and loss

There is no cost for services provided by the Employee Assistance Office. You may use the services of the Employee Assistance Office during work hours with no loss in pay. If you need services beyond what we can offer, we may refer you to other campus or community resources.

24/7 Access to Counselors

The Employee Assistance Office (EAO) has expanded its services to provide employees with free and confidential statewide coverage, and 24/7 telephone access to professional counselors in support of employees’ personal and work-related concerns.

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Conduct an Online Self-Assessment

SilverCloud is an online, interactive resource that provides UW–Madison faculty and staff with no-cost, confidential help for mental health issues and stress management 24 hours a day.

SilverCloud offers self-guided exercises to help employees change beliefs and behaviors so they are thinking and feeling better. SilverCloud’s learning modules address anxiety, depression, body image and stress.

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Workplace Consultation

Managers, supervisors, deans, and department chairs work with the Employee Assistance Office to define and address workplace issues. Examples of common concerns include:

  • Conflict management
  • Stress and change management
  • Organizational dynamics
  • Personal issues affecting performance
  • Respectful workplace behaviors
  • Support after a workplace crisis, loss or trauma

Services may include consultation, coaching, and recommendations regarding group facilitation or training for those in the work unit.

Newsletter Provides Quick Tips

The EAO News for Managers provides user-friendly advice on dealing with a variety of workplace issues and working effectively with your Employee Assistance Office.

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