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Equity, Inclusion and Employee Well-Being

The Office of Equity, Inclusion and Employee Well-Being is dedicated to providing high level consultation, support and resources to schools, colleges, divisions and units working to create healthy, equitable and inclusive policies, systems and environments for employees to engage, grow and thrive on campus.

This office provides us the opportunity to engage with the tensions and intersections of racial equity within the context of employee experiences by transforming our campus as a space grounded in equity and well-being for employees. 

The Office of Equity, Inclusion and Employee Well-Being currently provides consultation, support and resources with the following:

  • Strategic planning and visioning
  • Organizational goals and priorities 
  • Policies, systems, and environment interventions
  • Employee capacity building and learning
  • Data and assessment

For information about current services, support in these areas, or resources, please email

Visit the website: Equity, Inclusion and Employee Well-Being.

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Equity, Inclusion and Employee Well-Being
Office of Human Resources
University of Wisconsin–Madison
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