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Learning and Talent Development

The Learning and Talent Development office develops and delivers online and classroom education programs that support campus-wide needs (e.g., leadership or management development, employee engagement) and serves as a campus expert to deliver and assess learning.


  • Works to provide curriculum and learning development consulting services to campus units, operation support to educational programs across campus, maintains official employee learning records for all employees, workforce and organizational development service to the campus community, and learning development policies and guidelines.
  • Leads the campus-wide development of competency programs for employees and supervisors and serves as subject-matter experts for competency development along with developing and maintaining campus-wide competency development policy and guidelines. This is accomplished by coordinating the implementation of technology solutions for employee learning development and the delivery of learning and talent development data reporting and data analytic to enable operational and strategic decision making.

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Learning and Talent Development
Office of Human Resources
University of Wisconsin–Madison
21 N. Park Street, Suite 5101
Madison, Wisconsin 53715

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