University of Wisconsin–Madison

OHR Budget and Management Services

OHR Budget and Management Services provides administrative support for OHR, including:

  • Staffing the OHR Access Center (front desk)
  • Scanning UW–Madison employee records
  • Purchasing supplies and services
  • Building management and mail distribution

Maintenance Requests

OHR Budget and Management Services is responsible for building management at 21 N. Park Street.  Facilities Planning and Management’s Physical Plant department is responsible for the maintenance of campus buildings, grounds, utilities, and vehicles.  All costs associated with building maintenance are paid from a central fund. The Physical Plant can also modify or improve departmental space, but these requests need to be covered by departmental funds.

If you notice a maintenance issue, email the building manager at and they will contact the Physical Plant. You may also use the Physical Plant’s website to submit a work request.

If there is an urgent maintenance issue, call the Central Answering and Response Service (CARS) by dialing 3-3333 from your office phone. If you are calling from a cell phone, call 608-263-3333.

Building Maintenance Requests

The building’s general wear and tear.
Costs are paid from a central fund.

  • malfunctioning doors, elevators, and air handling units
  • burned out lights
  • clogged drains
  • leaky pipes
  • icy sidewalks
  • damaged carpets and floors

Departmental Service Requests

Modifications or improvements to a work space.
Costs are paid by the department.

  • adding and removing keyboard trays
  • re-configuring work spaces
  • remodeling offices
  • getting new keys

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Office Hours

7:45 am–4:30 pm


Office of Human Resources
University of Wisconsin–Madison
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Madison, Wisconsin 53715

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