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UW–Madison offers two supplemental dental options through Delta Dental in addition to Uniform Dental Benefits (UDB)/Preventive Dental. UDB is available through State Group Health Insurance. Preventive Dental is available for employees who are not enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance program. If you or a family member need dental work you didn’t plan on, a supplemental dental plan can help reduce the amount you pay. It can also be a wise investment when you’re considering more extensive treatments or procedures, like braces or dentures. The State of Wisconsin Delta Dental site provides contacts, plan summaries and a provider search.

You have 30 days from the date your employment begins to enroll. You may also apply for coverage within 30 days of certain life events.

Monthly Premiums

2024 Rates

Employee Employee
+ Spouse
+ Child(ren)
+ Family
Preventive Dental* $36.10 $90.28 $90.28 $90.28
Delta Dental PPO – Select $9.08 $18.16 $12.24 $21.76
Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier – Select Plus $21.60 $43.22 $40.12 $66.20

*For employees not enrolled in State Group Health Insurance (which can include UDB)

Some limitations apply per the Uniform Dental Benefits Certificate of Coverage

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Plan options

Both supplemental dental plans provide extended coverage, but have different coverage levels and in-network providers. Verify the Delta Dental network your provider is in before choosing a plan. Preventive services, such as cleanings, are covered under the UDB but are not covered under the supplemental dental plans.
Dental Plan Comparison Chart More

Basic Services Major Services Orthodontia In-Network Providers
Exams, X-rays, cleanings, fluoride, sealants, and fillings Surgical extractions, bridges, crowns, dentures, root canals, periodontics
Uniform Dental Benefits (UDB)*/Preventive Dental 100% None $1,500 lifetime maximum (under age 19) Delta Dental PPO or Premier Providers
Delta Dental PPO – Select None 50% None Delta Dental PPO
Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier – Select Plus None 60%–80% $1,500 lifetime maximum in addition to UDB ($3,000 total if enrolled in both plans) Delta Dental PPO or Premier Providers

*Uniform Dental Benefits available under the State Group Health Insurance plan.

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