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Pharmacy benefits for prescription drugs are included with State Group Health (SGH) coverage and are provided by Navitus, regardless of which provider network or plan design you elect. Navitus processes prescription drug claims and maintains the drug formulary.

If you enroll in SGH, you will receive a Navitus ID Card. Visit the Navitus member portal to create your online account.

Pharmacy Benefits

Mail Order Prescription Program

Navitus offers a mail order prescription program through Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy. If you fill Level 1 and Level 2 formulary medications with this program, you receive a 90-day supply for the cost of 2 co-pays (60-days’ worth). More information is found on the Navitus website, the Serve You DirectRx website, and by calling Navitus Customer Care.

Navitus Specialty Pharmacy Program

The Navitus Specialty Pharmacy Program uses Lumicera or the UW Specialty Pharmacy. For more information, call Navitus Customer Care.

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