University of Wisconsin–Madison

University Insurance Association Life Insurance

University Insurance Association (UIA) Life Insurance is a decreasing term life insurance plan. All eligible Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited Appointees are automatically enrolled in UIA. There is no enrollment form. Eligibility is reviewed annually based on active employment as of October 1. University Staff are not eligible.


The annual $24 premium is deducted from your October earnings (the paycheck you receive on November 1). The employer does not contribute to the premium.

Coverage Levels

Coverage level is based on your age as of October 1 of the prior year.

Age as of October 1 Benefit Amount Age as of October 1 Benefit Amount
Under 28 $101,000 49-51 $22,600
28-30 98,100 52-54 17,200
31-33 90,900 55-57 13,100
34-36 78,900 58-60 10,300
37-39 65,000 61-63 8,200
40-42 50,900 64-66 6,100
43-45 39,100 67-69 4,500
46-48 30,000 70+ 3,400


You must meet the following requirements to be enrolled in this plan:

  • Have a FAASLI appointment
  • Meet the minimum monthly salary threshold
    ($2,822 for the 2020–2021 plan year, effective 10/1/20)
  • Not receiving a Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) annuity


If you meet the eligibility criteria for a given year, enrollment is automatic and no application is required. Coverage is effective October 1, provided requirements are met and premium is paid. If employment starts after October 1, you must wait until the following year for enrollment.