University of Wisconsin–Madison

ATP Update

Administrative Transformation Program (ATP)

With 2020 coming to a close, the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) shares some of its accomplishments, current projects, and upcoming efforts.

Board of Regents Approval

Following an extended Preplanning Phase, ATP received formal approval from the Board of Regents on October 8 to plan and begin Phase 1 activities at UW–Madison. ATP will wrap up the Preplanning Phase at the end of 2020; Phase 1 is expected to start in mid-2021, following a six-month Prepare Phase.

Ongoing HR Work

  • Position Management: ATP is developing a recommendation for a consistent approach to position management across the UW System. Within the position management framework, positions are associated with budgets, have clearly defined traits based on an organization’s needs, and remain independent of the employees who fill them. Position management is used to support organization planning, budgeting, and recruiting.

    ATP’s HR Strategy Team is in the discovery phase of this work and has met with stakeholder groups at all institutions to gain a better understanding of how position management may support their business goals.

  • 9-Over-12 Pay: ATP will use the eventual implementation of the cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as an opportunity to possibly implement a 9-over-12 pay schedule for eligible UW employees. Enrollment in this program would be optional. The HR Strategy Team is developing a recommendation for 9-over-12, based on feedback sessions with subject-matter experts.


  • ATP is developing a recommendation around how we use organizational values, also known as UDDS or department ID, across the UW System. This work is in the discovery phase; ATP’s Finance Strategy Team encourages stakeholders to share their feedback via survey.

Research Administration

  • Scope Decisions: ATP has defined the scope for all research administration activities, which include processes like compensation compliance, proposal management, contracting, and award setup through award closeout.

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