University of Wisconsin–Madison

Message from the Director

Dear HR Colleagues:

We are definitely making progress. By sharing knowledge, successful strategies, and (at times) concerns with one another and with OHR, HR professionals across this campus are working in partnership with to identify ways to address pressing challenges (e.g., FLSA, TREMS, ACA), as well as to creatively forge new programs. Efforts to welcome new HR professionals to campus are taking shape, as well as articulation of new learning programs that help develop HR Competencies that will help us all improve our services to campus employees. And we are now in early stages planning a campus HR Conference for this December that should be a great experience for all of us.

The HR-CoP staff is working hard to support such efforts, in concert with our OHR colleagues and many of you across the campus. Our success depends directly on such collaboration, and after several months engaged in this process, we want to express gratitude for the selfless ways so many of you are helping realize this vision.

Thanks… let’s keep it going.

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