University of Wisconsin–Madison

Step It Up!

Person walking down a path in athletic shoes.
By Nicole Youngberg

Take advantage of the beautiful Madison area summers and improve your overall well-being by engaging in a summer walking challenge. Encourage your employees to become more aware of their physical activity habits and help them make a plan to improve. By participating in the challenge, individuals will develop skills to make healthy activity choices on a daily basis. All materials to launch the program have been created and are located here.

Ideas to make gettings steps even more fun include:

  1. Getting steps within the Wisconsin State Parks. Out-WI-Go is a health and wellness promotion encouraging citizens to sign a pledge to get physical activity through use of state parks.
  2. See how many steps you can get by visiting Bucky On Parade statues! This is a great opportunity to boost physical activity amongst employees by encouraging them to get active and find as many Bucky’s as they can.
  3. Creating teams within a department to see who can get the most steps together!
  4. Hold walking meetings as a department to get outside during the day.

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