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Update Tax Sheltered Annuity Contributions Online

The Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) 403(b) program is a supplemental retirement savings plan available to most employees, including Student Help employees and Rehired Annuitants. Through this program, employees can invest on a pre-tax basis, an after-tax basis (Roth), or a combination of both.

The start of a new calendar year is a popular time for employees to review and update their TSA contributions. The 2020 maximum contribution limit is $19,500 for employees under age 50. Employees 50 or older can contribute (at any time during the plan year) $26,000 ($19,500 + a $6,500 “catch-up”).

Employees already enrolled in the TSA program are able to update their existing contributions online through their MyUW Portal.

How can I update my TSA contributions online?

  1. In the MyUW account, launch the “Benefit Information” widget:

    Screenshot of updating TSA contributions

  2. Next select “Update TSA Deductions” at the bottom of the page.  This feature can be used to increase or decrease existing contributions.

    Screenshot of updating TSA contributions

  3. This will take you to the screen entitled “Savings Summary” where you can select the benefit you’d like to update. In this example, TIAA-CREF is selected:

    Screenshot of updating TSA contributions

  4. Select “Edit” on the next screen.

    Screenshot of updating TSA contributions

  5. Enter your new contribution amount (either dollar amount or percentage) and select “Save.” You will receive a confirmation email when the change has been made.

    Screenshot of updating TSA contributions

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