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Frequently Asked Questions about Non-Exempt to Exempt Changes

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What happens if I change from nonexempt to exempt

If an employee changes from nonexempt to exempt:

  • Employment category (e.g., Academic Staff, University Staff) will not change;
  • Role in service to the University will not change;
  • Paid on a salary basis. The current hourly rate will be converted to an annualized rate;
  • You will no longer report all hours worked
  • Report leave usage differently; and
  • You will no longer receive overtime pay or compensatory (“comp”) time.

How do exempt employees report leave usage?

Full-time exempt employees report leave usage according to the guidelines in relevant policy. See (at Part VII.2.b.i) and (at Part VII.2.b.i).

My position is becoming University Staff exempt. How would I choose whether to move to Academic Staff? What would I gain and what would I lose in each scenario?

The benefits comparison chart describes the pros and cons of your options to stay as University Staff or choose to move to Academic Staff. There are no special incentives to encourage movement to Academic Staff.

Can an exempt University Staff employee still convert to academic staff under the Employee Choice Program?

Yes, exempt University Staff employees will still have the option to voluntarily reassign to academic staff under the Employee Choice Program. For more information, please contact your local HR.

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