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Benefits Eligibility

New Hires

To determine an employee’s benefits eligibility you must consider the job FTE, duration of the job (continuity code), and Empl Class (i.e. CJ, CP, AS, FA…).

New Hire Eligibility is determined using the University of Wisconsin Benefit Eligibility Table.
This table should only be used for NEW HIRES and all instructional pages must be reviewed

Prior Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Service

If the employee has prior WRS, with UW System in the last 12 months contact for assistance in reviewing eligibility.

WRS Eligibility

UW is a state of Wisconsin employer and has mandatory WRS participation under Wis. Stat. 40.21 for qualifying positions.

If an employee does not meet WRS eligibility requirements at their date of hire they can subsequently become eligible and must be enrolled.

The Madison Benefits Services team assists in reviewing employees in these situations and will notify the department, however, if there is a known change it is recommended you notify for an immediate review.

WRS creditable hours need to be determined, even when an employee is paid on a lump sum.

Employees who have multiple positions, in the same employment category, will have their lump sum reviewed by taking the rate (if one is available) from a similar position and dividing the lump sum by that rate. If multiple positions with hourly rates assigned to each, the lowest hourly rate will be used. The hourly rate is calculated by dividing the annual rate by 2080 hours. If there is no hourly rate and nothing specified in the offer letter, the below default hourly rate will apply. This is updated every fiscal year. The lump-sum payment will be divided by the hourly rate below to determine the amount of WRS hours associated with the payout.

Effective Date Lump Sum Default Hourly Rate (for WRS purposes)
07/01/2023 $32.91
07/01/2022 $31.81
07/01/2021 $31.21
07/01/2020 $30.69
07/01/2019 $29.80
07/01/2018 $28.81

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