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Leave of Absence (LOA)

Employees may request and be granted LOA without pay. While on an unpaid LOA, employees may have the opportunity to continue or make changes to their benefits. The premiums they pay for benefits could be affected depending on the length of their LOA.

More information is available on our Unpaid Leave page.

Administrators must notify the benefits office when there is an employee (with benefits) going on an unpaid LOA. Notify benefits by completing the LOA Intention form.

Administrators use the LOA Intention form when:

  • Employee has received an approval to go on an Unpaid LOA and the employee is enrolled in benefits.
  • Employee has modified their LOA (dates of the LOA changed) or the employee has returned to work

Upon receipt of the completed LOA Intention form the benefits office will review and reach out with any questions.  Additionally, the benefits office will schedule any actions accordingly based on the request and the payroll calendar.  Best practice is to submit the LOA Intention form as soon as you know the employee is taking a LOA and prior to the start of the LOA.

State of Wisconsin Statutes regarding LOA

“Leave of Absence,” as defined in Wis. Stat. §40.02 (40), means any period during which an employee has ceased to render services and receive earnings from a participating employer and there has been no formal termination of the employer-employee relationship

Wis. Stat. §40.02 (40) states that a leave of absence is not deemed ended or interrupted by reason of returning to work until the employee has resumed active performance of duty for 30 consecutive calendar days for at least 50% of what is considered that employee’s normal work time with that employer.

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