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Summer Prepay and Short Work Break

Summer Prepay Deductions are multiple insurance deductions from the spring semester payroll (deductions taken from the first two paychecks of the month in March, April, and May) to maintain insurance coverage for one or more summer months.

To maintain benefits, the employee’s Academic year (C-Basis), Empl Record must be:

  • Active with an August Expected Job End Date (EJED)
  • Benefit primary appointment must be on a Short Work Break (SWB)
    • The SWB reason code is essential for Deduction Prepay balances to disperse during summer
  • SWB Reconciliation Process will refund premiums on appointments that are:
    • Automatically terminated in HRS because of the May EJED
    • Manually terminated

Terminated employees will NOT have SWB applied

  • Summer prepays will not be generated
  • Benefits terminate at the end of the month in which the appointment ends (for example, if the employee terms 5/21, benefits end 5/31)

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