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HR Professional Organizations

The HR Communities of Practice Office acknowledges the list of human resource associations is broad. Each organization has a mission to either serve the HR Profession, either broadly or through specific areas of professional expertise. Professional HR associations help to keep its members informed of current and future news, facilitate networking, offer professional development opportunities, etc.

Local and Regional Affiliates

  • CUPA-HR Wisconsin – This is the state chapter for CUPA-HR and provides state news and information and professional development opportunities for higher-ed HR professionals in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Chapter can access and use an online chapter forum through CUPA-HR Connect to communicate with people in the Wisconsin Chapter area. Anyone can participate in the chapter forum, regardless of CUPA-HR membership. The only requirement is that each person have a free CUPA-HR website account. National members and individuals who have made purchases or registered for events on the site already have accounts. If you don’t already have an account, simply create a free account on the CUPA-HR website.

    24 hours after you have registered for this free institutional membership, you can change your membership from Limited Access (to which you’re added by default) to Full Access.

    • Full Access includes member registration discounts and access to the Knowledge Center, magazine, directory, etc. Survey access is managed separately.
    • Limited Access includes member registration discounts only.

Visit the forum online any time to post (requires login), or subscribe to the forum, which allows you to send and receive messages via email. To send and receive messages via email, you must subscribe to the forum.

  • Sign in to CUPA-HR Connect.
  • Click My Subscriptions at the top of the webpage.
  • Click the Add Subscription button.
    • Select a Category (chapters).
    • Select a Topic (Wisconsin Chapter).
    • Select a Subscription Type.
    • Click Add.
  • IPMA HR – Central Region – They facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas among Central Region chapters of International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR).
  • SHRM – Greater Madison Area – An affiliate of SHRM that provides a local starting point for networking, information, professional development and support.
  • Wisconsin SHRM State Council – The organization is a conduit for communication among the different areas of Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), bringing the society closer throughout the region.

National Human Resource Organizations

Professional Training Organizations

If there are other organizations to which you belong that would be a good fit for this list, please email and share your experiences with us.

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