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UW–Madison recognizes that employees have responsibilities outside of the workplace and will, at times, have a need for leave (time away from work). The university is committed to supporting employees in balancing their work and personal lives. Leave options are available to allow time away from work to care for yourself or others.

The resources on this page can assist you in understanding leave options that may be available when you are planning to take a family, medical, or non-medical leave.

Employees may not qualify for all the leave options that are available. The reason for an employee’s leave may require the available leave options to be applied in a specific order or may allow for a combination of leave options to apply at the same time. All leave programs require you to make a leave request and follow the leave request process at your school, college, or division.

The leave options that you may qualify for are based on a number of factors, including:

  • The reason you are requesting leave
  • Your employment category
  • The eligibility requirements for each leave option
  • The pay basis of your appointment (annual-basis or academic year-basis)
  • Previous leave used or taken
  • Staffing needs of your operational area
  • Approval from your unit and/or supervisor

Help is available in determining which leave programs you qualify for. You do not need to navigate these leave options on your own.

Leave Questions?

Please contact your Divisional HR Representative

Family or Medical Leave:

Please contact your Divisional Disability Representative

Types of Leave Benefits

Vacations and Time Away

If your reason for leave is not related to a family or medical reason, you may be eligible for the leave options listed below. You should contact your supervisor or local human resources (HR) representative to discuss your leave request. If you need assistance, they will use the information you provide about your individual circumstances to determine the leave options available to you.

Family, Medical, or Parental Leave

Your reason for leave may be related to your own medical condition, the medical condition of a family member, or parental leave. If so, you should contact your Divisional Disability Representative. The DDR will use the information you provide about your individual circumstances to help you apply for the leave program that gives you the greatest benefit. Leave programs may run concurrently if you qualify and if the reason for your leave qualifies for more than one leave program. Employees may also use their available vacation, personal holiday, or other leave types for family or medical leaves.

Graduate Assistant and Postdoc Benefits

Graduate Assistants

Project Assistants (PA), Teaching Assistants (TA), and Research Assistants (RA) are provided leave benefits in accordance with Graduate Assistantship Policies and Procedures (GAPP).


Research Associates, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Postdoctoral Trainees are provided absence with pay benefits in accordance with Postdoc Absence with Pay & Legal Holidays policy.


Manager and Supervisor Resources

Leave information and resources are available to educate managers and supervisors on the various leave options and provide support when handling employee requests.

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