University of Wisconsin–Madison

New Employee Benefits Enrollment

New employees have 30 days to enroll in most insurance plans. Review the following information and contact HR if you have questions.

UW–Madison participates in the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and offers the WRS benefits package to eligible employees.
UW–Madison offers a separate benefits package to certain appointees who are not eligible for the WRS.

Employees covered by the WRS

  • University Staff
  • Faculty
  • Academic Staff
  • Limited Appointees

Benefits for employees covered by the WRS

Employees not covered by the WRS

  • Graduate Assistants
  • Employees-in-Training (including postdocs)
  • Fellows and Scholars
  • Short-Term Academic Staff

Benefits for employees not covered by the WRS


If you are a new UW–Madison employee and were not previously covered under the WRS service, enroll through the Self Service Online Enrollment.

If you were previously covered under the WRS service, or are a Craftsworker, you must enroll with paper applications.

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