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Self Service Online Enrollment

The Self Service portal allows you to enroll at your own pace. The portal is a secure system, which allows you to enter your own confidential information.

Contact HR to verify your eligibility to enroll via the online portal.

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Employees eligible to enroll through the online portal:

  • University Staff
  • Faculty
  • Academic Staff
  • Limited Appointees
  • Graduate Assistants

Employees ineligible to enroll through the online portal:

  • Employees previously covered under the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)
  • Employees who hold two or more concurrent positions
  • Employees changing positions
  • Employees with qualifying life events (e.g. Loss of Coverage, Marriage, Birth/Adoption, etc.)

Available Online Benefits Options

Benefits will appear in your online portal based on your eligibility to enroll.

At this time, you must submit a paper application for the following plans:

  • UW 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Program (SRP)
  • Wisconsin Deferred Compensation 457(b)
  • State Group Health Insurance
    Paper application is required for University Staff requesting immediate enrollment and waiving the 2-month waiting period

Self Service Assistance

The Self Service Tip Sheet will help you navigate through your online enrollment portal.

Important Deadline

You have 30 days from your Date of Hire/Eligibility to enroll in benefits. The online portal will automatically close on your final day of eligibility. Late enrollments will not be accepted.

Confirmation Statements

After enrolling through the online portal, you will receive a Confirmation Statement in your MyUW Benefits Information > Statements Tab within 24-48 hours.

Review the Confirmation Statement for accuracy. If you find an error, please contact HR immediately for assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

For online enrollment questions, contact HR or OHR Benefit Services:

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