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Moving to WRS-Covered Employment


When you become eligible for the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) you are required to participate. See Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) for information on WRS eligibility and benefits.

Review the Benefits for Employees Covered by the WRS. You have 30 days from your WRS start date to enroll in benefits.

Visit the Forms & Resources Page for all plan applications, forms, and brochures.

Beneficiary Designation

You should review and update your Beneficiary Designation(s) with each Qualifying Life Event.


If you move from the Graduate Assistant benefit program to WRS (with a less than 30 day break in employment):

  • You have an enrollment opportunity in all benefit plans except the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program (unless you were not previously eligible).
    • Most of the benefit plans you are already enrolled in will continue automatically (except health insurance- see below).
    • Completed application(s) for new benefit plans you wish to enroll must be received within 30 days of becoming WRS-eligible.

If you are currently enrolled in health insurance under the Graduate Assistant benefit program, you must submit a new health insurance application within 30 days of becoming WRS-eligible. Your monthly premium contribution will increase.

  • Your health insurance coverage under the Graduate Assistant benefit program will terminate at the end of the month in which your Graduate Assistant position ends.

If you are moving from an appointment eligible for the Graduate Assistant benefit program to a University Staff appointment and have no eligible prior WRS service, you must have 2 months of WRS service before becoming eligible for the employer contribution toward health insurance. You will receive a continuation notice from the UW Shared Services for the health coverage that is ending under the Graduate Assistant benefit program.

Contact HR for additional information.

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