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New Cross-Functional Toolkit and Resource for Major Department Changes

New Cross-Functional Toolkit

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) Collaboration Team leads are excited to share the new Cross-Functional Toolkit on the HR Professionals web page.  OHR recognizes that not all resources fit neatly into one functional area’s toolkit—so we’ve created a cross-functional one!

To access the toolkit, navigate to, and click HR Professionals to find the Administrative Toolkits section:

Cross-Functional Toolkit for HR Professionals

New Resource for Major Department Changes

Based on requests from the HR community, the OHR Collaboration Teams partnered with OHR colleagues to create the HR Administrative Checklist for Major Department Changes. This resource lives in the new Cross-Functional Toolkit:

HR Administrative Checklist for Major Department Changes screenshot

An example of a “major department change” is when a unit moves from one division on campus to another. This prompts changes to an employee’s – or group of employees’ unit, division, department, and sub-department (aka UDDS).

This type of change can have many downstream effects across different functional areas.

This checklist provides HR a starting point for identifying the effects of an employee’s UDDS change and the necessary updates and communications to ensure a smooth transition. Schools/Colleges/Divisions can adapt this checklist based on unique needs.

We welcome your feedback as you begin to use this new resource!  Please contact your Collaboration Team Lead.