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Performance Evaluations Schedule to Align with Workday  

Starting in July 2025, university staff, academic staff, and limited appointees will follow a standard performance evaluation schedule. Workday will replace the Performance Management Development Program (PMDP) technology and will align performance evaluation timing across all Universities of Wisconsin. To prepare for this change, local HR professionals will work with their school, college, and divisions to align with the Workday performance management schedule.

Performance Review Schedule Starting July 2025:

The evaluation schedule will align with UW–Madison’s fiscal year (FY) which starts on July 1 and ends June 30.

  • Annual (summary/full) evaluations – conducted between July and September. Employees can expect to have performance conversations with their managers, supervisors, or local HR professionals. 
  • Midpoint evaluations –  conducted between January and March. Employees can expect to have a conversation to receive feedback from their manager, supervisor, or local HR professional.  

Full, Annual, and Summary evaluations will take place between July and September. Midpoint evaluations will take place between January and March.

Why change:

Currently, the timing and platforms to track performance evaluations vary across campus. In July 2025 and beyond, the Universities of Wisconsin will transition to using Workday which will provide consistencies with performance evaluation processes. Performance evaluations in Workday will have a uniform template across all Universities of Wisconsin. Workday will simplify performance evaluation communications to employees and supervisors by sending automatic reminders. Starting the transition to this timeline before Workday is live (in July 2025) allows HR professionals, managers and supervisors, and employees to make this change while using familiar systems.

What to expect:

For employees and managers who already use the fiscal year timeline, there will be no change. For employees and managers transitioning to this timeline, expect communication from your local HR professional to guide you through this change. Timelines will vary based on each school, college, and division.

While technology and processes may change, the purpose of performance evaluations remains the same. Evaluations clarify expectations, recognize high performance, address performance issues, and identify opportunities for employees to develop.

Local HR professionals work with their schools, colleges and divisions to determine if a supervisor is current on performance reviews for pay plan eligibility. Contact your local HR professional for details.

Instructional Academic Staff and Clinical Instructors:

ATP teams are continuing to review options for how UW–Madison employees in the instructional academic staff and clinical instructor categories will complete performance evaluations.  More information will be communicated as it becomes available.

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